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Department of Immigration

Kalikasthan, Dillibazar, Kathmandu.

There are ten Immigration check points known as Entry/Exit Points established under the Department of Immigration.They are administered by concerned Immigration Offices. Entry/Exit points and Immigration Offices are synonymous terms and are used  interchangeably.

Any foreigner (excluding an Indian citizen) leaving and entering Nepal by land should report themselves to our Entry/Exit points for accomplishing Arrival and Departure formalities, obtaining and regulating visa if necessary. They are established at the selected border points to regulate and control immigration and emigration to and from our neighboring countries India and China. Any unauthorized crossing of border is unlawful and subject to legal consequences.

The Immigration Office TIA is the only entry and exit point for 'By Air' travelers. Immigration Office Pokhara facilitates tourists by providing services related to tourist visa extension and issuance of trekking permits to the restricted areas. Like all other Entry/Exit points, it monitors, controls and regulates activities of foreign nationals and carries out necessary arrangements for legal action in case of violation of Immigration laws as well as any other prevailing laws of the country in close coordination with the Department of Immigration.

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